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#ColorOurCollections –coloring books for adults from cultural institutions around the world

Stained glass pelican

“highlights the beauty and peculiarity of the world”

Images from botanical collections, medical museums, historical archives, art museums. Selections from the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, Lambeth Palace Library in England, Auckland Library in New Zealand, Lithuanian Art Museum, and more than 100 other cultural institutions. The 2019 #ColorOurCollections compilation includes black-and-white versions of images from 119 institutions around the world for you to satisfy your creative impulses. And all downloadable for free!

This collection stems in part from the on-going digitization of collections that is making scientific and educational research a global experience from your very own desktop computer with mobile apps for those on the go. Numerous studies have pointed to the therapeutic benefits of art for children and adults, including senior citizens working with creative aging programs. So grab you colored pencils and join in the fun--and learn more about our world in the process! Read the introductory article below or see the entire list here.


100+ Museums Turn Their Collections Into Free Downloadable Coloring Books

By Sara Barnes

February 12, 2019

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