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UPDATE: Frank Lloyd Wright tries again for World Heritage status

Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright architect, Pennsylvania

In 2016, a group of 10 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings across the United States were nominated to the World Heritage List, however the World Heritage Committee recommended deferment - meaning additional work was needed on the nomination (see original post below). Now, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation reports that the Frank Lloyd Wright nomination is ready for its close-up again, and the revised nomination (reduced to only eight buildings) is being submitted again for consideration at the 2019 meeting of the World Heritage Committee, to be held in July 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Best of luck to the revised nomination!


Eight Buildings Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

December 20, 2018

ORIGINAL POST (July 19 2016): At the 40th annual meeting of the World Heritage Committee, new sites were added to the World Heritage List. These include 20th-century works of the French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier, but 20th-century works of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright were deferred for reconsideration in a subsequent year. The World Heritage Committee meeting was interrupted by the recent coup attempt in Turkey. On Friday, July 15, the committee began discussion of the US-sponsored nomination of 10 of Wright’s works but, needing additional time, the committee adjourned and scheduled continued discussion the next morning, Saturday, July 16. In the interim, the coup attempt threw Istanbul into chaos and the World Heritage Committee announced the meeting was suspended until further notice. The meeting reconvened Sunday, July 17 for some final business, then adjourned. See below for the newest sites added to the World Heritage List


UNESCO’s newest World Heritage Sites

By Katia Hetter


July 18, 2016

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