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UPDATE - Lord & Taylor to close its flagship Gilded Age store at Fifth Avenue

Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue flagship store, New York City

A "monument to the ‘nonproductive consumption of time’” is replaced by an icon of the new startup economy

Although many of New York City’s Gilded Age mansions have been demolished, several iconic department store buildings from this era have remained. As previously noted here, the economic challenges have forced changes to the store’s business models, but Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, among others, retained great pride in their landmark Gilded Age buildings—their “flagship” stores. Last year, Lord & Taylor sold most of its landmark building on Fifth Avenue to WeWork. But now, Lord & Taylor will relinquish the last bit of space it occupied in their landmark store on Fifth Avenue.


Lord & Taylor Will Close Flagship Store In Landmark Fifth Avenue Building

By Jen Chung

June 5, 2018

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Lord & Taylor—a century old “Ladies’ Paradise” for luxury and leisure loses its flagship store

By International Heritage News Network

October 28, 2017

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