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Chicago celebrates its rich architectural legacy

Skyline of Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois was founded as a US city in 1837, in part to take advantage of its geographic between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River. It grew rapidly throughout the 19th and early 20th century, and today is the third largest city in the United States. Along the way, Chicago was the site of innovative urban planning efforts, the World’s Columbian Exhibition in 1893 that showcased the City Beautiful movement (which Chicago embraced), and most notably, the development of the steel-framed architecture that led to a remarkable collection of architecturally-significant skyscrapers.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation offers regular boat tours showcasing the city’s architectural legacy. This legacy includes a collection of well-preserved skyscrapers that are being considered for nomination to the World Heritage List. Another group of buildings by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, including two buildings in Chicago, are also being considered for the World Heritage List, although the initial nomination fell short of acceptance.

And Unit Temple was recently re-opened after a triumphant years-long restoration project.

But while a number of historic buildings have been demolished over the years, this article below highlights 5 important Chicago buildings that are about to undergo significant redevelopment to keep retain them as part of Chicago’s rich architectural legacy. (The 2012

photo of the Chicago skyline by Allen McGregor is shared here under CC BY-SA 2.0)


5 Abandoned Chicago Buildings That Are Reopening Soon

By Adam Morgan


August 23, 2017

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