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Hadrian’s Wall is deteriorating? Volunteers to the rescue

Hadrian's Wall, England

Numerous ancient and historic sites dot the English landscape, from megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge to elaborate country houses. One of the best-known features of the landscape is Hadrian’s Wall, which was constructed beginning in 122 AD at the northwest frontier of the Roman Empire. Hadrian’s Wall was designated a World Heritage site in 1987, but today large portions of the wall are in need of extensive restoration efforts.

Now, a team from Newcastle University’s School of History, Classics, and Archaeology, using a grant from England’s Heritage Lottery, is looking for volunteers to participate in a training program designed to document and preserve what was perhaps the most famous wall in the Roman Empire. (The 2008 photo of Hadrian's Wall is in the public domain).


Volunteer army sought for Hadrian Wall conservation plan

By BBC News

August 27, 2017

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