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Buildings in rubble—how to treat heritage sites damaged by terrorism

Palmyra, Syria, early 20th century

The World Monuments Fund every two years publishes is Watch list of heritage sites in danger around the world. The program has been successful in attraction both public attention and funding to help preserve these important structures, cities, and landscapes since the inaugural list was published in 1996. The recent and on-going destruction of and damage of heritage sites across the Middle East during armed conflict, particularly those sites in Syria and Iraq that have been intentional targets of ISIS, has raised an important issue regarding international preservation efforts. This interview with the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of the World Monuments Fund looks at current thinking on this issue. (Photo of Palmyra,early 20th century, is in the public domain).


Do We Need to Rebuild Historic Sites Ruined by Terrorism?

By John Gendall

Architectural Digest

June 23, 2017

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