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The Parthenon, banned books, and Nazi Germany—an art installation

Parthenon 1846 painting, Athens, Greece

The ruins of ancient Greece and Rome have inspired artists in a wide variety of media for centuries. This influence shows up in literature, painting, sculpture, and architecture among others. An Argentinian artist has taken a unique approach with an installation at the Documenta 14 art festival in Kassel, Germany currently underway—a replica of the Parthenon, made of 100,000 books that were previously banned, on the site of one of the most infamous book-burning episodes in Nazi Germany. (Photo: 1846 Parthenon painting is in the public domain).


Artist Uses 100,000 Banned Books To Build A Full-Size Parthenon At Historic Nazi Book Burning Site

By Bored Panda

July 7, 2017

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