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Protecting urban tree canopies—San Francisco’s newest attempt

Castro, San Francisco

In 2001, an organization known as Casey Trees was founded in Washington, DC to protect and increase the urban tree canopy in the city. The philanthropic gift that funded this organization followed a report by American Forests that documented the dramatic reduction in tree cover in DC since the 1970s. Since then, Casey Trees has had tremendous success, increasing the Washington’s tree canopy dramatically through a partnership with the city’s urban forestry program and numerous community organizations and volunteers. In 2011, San Francisco transferred responsibility for trees on public property to private citizens, in a highly unpopular move that led to the ultimate destruction of some notable city trees. Now, the city has reversed course and is taking back responsibility for its trees.


San Francisco takes back its trees, to the relief of property owners

By Dominic Fracassa

San Francisco Chronicle

July 1, 2017

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