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What precisely is “good” tourism?

Tourists at the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island

International tourism is an economic force for many historic cities around the world. For Cuba, however, travel and tourism have been extremely complex endeavors since the Cuban Revolution on the late 1950s. Both internal and external pressures limited which tourists could travel to Cuba and what they could visit when they got there. When Cuba lost economic support as the Soviet Union collapsed, its government looked in part to tourism to help fill the gap, investing heavily in hotels and other tourism-related infrastructure. As a result, international travel to Cuba increased dramatically to levels not seen since before the revolution. The half-century ban on most travel to Cuba by US citizens was relaxed in the last year of President Obama’s administration, leading to an dramatic increase in legal US tourism to Cuba. The current US administration is seeking to revise those policies.


Trump’s Cuba policy seeks to redefine ‘good’ U.S. tourism.” That includes putting tourists back on tour buses.

By Nick Miroff

The Washington Post

June 17, 2017

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