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Modernizing Queen Victoria’s Market in Melbourne

Guatemala market

The history of public markets extends back into antiquity and has reached a resurgence in the revitalization of historic cities around the world (photo above in Guatamela). In Charleston, South Carolina, a local resident ceded land to the city for a public market with the condition that it remain a public market in perpetuity; today, Charleston City Market is one of the premier tourist sites in this southern city famous for its well-preserved residential architecture. In Washington, DC, Eastern Market has been a local and tourist favorite on Capitol Hill since its founding in the mid-19th century; after a devastating fire in 2007, renovations retaining the historic character of the 19th-century brick building were completed and the market reopened in 2009. Here, a market in Melbourne, Australia, is being looked at in terms of retaining its historic integrity and traditional style in a rapidly modernizing city.


Melbourne Haggles Over the Future of its Most Popular Market

By Besha Rodell

The New York Times

June 12, 2017

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