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An urban “nature district” that would dwarf Central Park

Central Park, New York

New York’s Central Park is usually considered to be the first true public park in the United States, established in 1857 and encompassing originally 778 acres of land. The great success of the park—providing for all access to nature in an increasingly urban environment—led to numerous other US cities creating their own public parks. By the late 20th century, however, development pressures in America’s urban centers crowded out the expansion of existing parks and the creation of new ones. Now, however, Dallas, Texas, with a population of more than 1 million people, is embarking on an even larger venture—establishing a public “nature district” that would dwarf Central Park.


Dallas is getting a $600 million park that’s more than 11 times as large as Central Park

By Leanne Garfield

Business Insider

June 6, 2017

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