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Does this look like an Apple store to you?

Carnegie Library, Washington DC

The Starbucks corporation revolutionized the coffee shop business through a variety of innovations. One, of course, was overthrowing the conventional notion that opening Starbucks outlets in close proximity to each other would simply cannibalize the nearby Starbucks outlets. The proliferation of Starbucks outlets in cities around the world obviously challenges the previous notion. Another is that a single corporate "look" or "design" was necessary to build its brand. But Starbucks chose a different path, particularly in historic cities, often placing Starbucks outlets in existing, historic buildings rather and adapting their store design to each unique location. Now it looks like Apple may be getting in on the act, with plans to convert the historic former Carnegie Library building (built 1903) in Washington, DC to an innovative store that includes programming space for performances, exhibits, and special events.


Apple offers first peek at plans to convert D.C.’s Carnegie Library into new store

By Jonathan O'Connell

The Washington Post

May 8, 2017

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