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Trump's Twitter turncoats come out in force

President Obama is widely considered to be the first US president to embrace social media as part of his administration's official communication strategy with the American public. The Donald Trump, of course, was widely recognized for his regular tweets throughout his campaign for the presidency. Once in office, however, while many thought his Twitter-ing might be replaced by a more sophisticated manner of communications, President Trump's continued use of his personal and official Twitter accounts has only grown. Now, federal agencies now under his executive management—some of which have claimed they were given gag orders to prevent the release of scientific information—have stepped up their efforts, going so far as to set up unofficial accounts outside of government purview. Badlands National Park started the trend with updates on climate change. Now the US National Park Service and other agencies apparently have set up alt-accounts.


Federal workers' Twitter brushfire burns Trump

By Nancy Scola

January 25, 2017

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