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20th-century modernists—from Wright to Nuetra

Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, USA

Frank Lloyd Wright is perhaps the best known 20th-century architecture in the United States. Fallingwater—his most iconic work—together with nine other Wright properties were recently nominated to the World Heritage List (the nomination, however, was deferred for additional information by the World Heritage Committee). In Southern California, however, Richard Nuetra designed numerous modernist masterpieces, as not only a follower but a clear rival of Wright in his influence on 20th-century architecture. Nuetra's home and studio (known collectively as VDL Research House) were recently named by the US National Park Service as a National Historic Landmark.


Jewish Architect' Richard Nuestra's Home Named as One of 24 New National Historic Landmarks

By Jake Romm


January 18, 2017

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