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Bauhaus—where it all began

Boston University Law Tower

The year 2019 will mark the centennial of the famous Staatliches Bauhaus. This influential institution was established as an art school in Germany just after World War I. Although it only remained in operation for 14 years, its influence was global in nature, and particularly influenced architecture in the United States. Today, numerous Bauhaus buildings are threatened by demolition, due in large part by the current unpopularity of the Brutalist concrete architecture that was embraced by many influential architects in the mid-20th-century. (In contrast, Boston University’s Law Tower, built 1964 and shown above, was renovated by the university in 2015). This article looks at the influence of the Bauhaus in modern-day Germany, where it all began.


On the Bauhaus trail in Germany

By Charly Wilder

The New York Times

August 10, 2016

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